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Are Dental X-Rays Really Safe?

Posted on 2/7/2022 by Watermark Dentistry
Are Dental X-Rays Really Safe?The safety of X-rays has been debated for a long time as people are still unsure if they are safe. The truth is that most people are afraid of getting X-rays as they believe they might damage their body tissues. Even though that might be the case, dentists still have to use them to monitor things that cannot be seen with naked eyes. But are they really safe? Let's find out more.

How Safe Are Dental X-rays?

Unlike in the past when dental x-rays were feared, today they are extremely safe, and even children can use them. This is because they have been improved over the years, and when used, they give a very slight amount of radiation. Besides, your dentist will not use an X-ray for every appointment. Some people even get x-rays after one to two years, which means that there is no harm that X-rays can cause.

Why Are X-rays Important?

You may be wondering why dentists must use X-rays. The thing is that they are always used to monitor dental development for kids, check for hidden tooth decay or cavities, and sometimes they are used to check if you have any oral growths. X-rays greatly help to detect dental issues early before they cause other complications. Also, if you complain of inner pain, an X-ray can help determine the cause of the pain so that you can begin treatment immediately.

How Does an X-ray Procedure Work?

During an X-ray procedure, your dentist will use a lead apron to minimize the amount of radiation getting into your body. There is also a lead thyroid collar placed on your neck to protect your thyroid. The dentist will then take the necessary image and provide you with the results before the treatments.

If you are ready for a dental x-ray, we welcome you to our dental office for the best services. You can always call our dentist to know how the procedure works if you have any doubts.
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