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How Can I Fix My Stained Teeth?

Posted on 2/21/2022 by Watermark Dentistry
How Can I Fix My Stained Teeth?Having yellow or stained teeth can make you unhappy with your smile. However, that doesn't have to be. There are many ways you can fix your stained teeth and restore your confidence. Often, you may have tried or looked at trying those commercial whitening strips, but you found them too pricey or inefficient to whiten the teeth. If that is the case, that is because better ways of fixing teeth discoloration exist. Here are some of the ways you can fix those stained teeth.

Get Regular Cleanings

The build-up of plaque can make your teeth yellow and if not checked, they could turn brown as mores stuff from coffee and tea forms on tartar. Regular cleanings help remove both plaque and tartar from the teeth' surface.

Get a Professional Whitening Procedure

A dentist can provide professional whitening to fix tooth discoloration. Based on the nature of the staining, the dentist recommends a specific treatment which may include the use of a specialized gel that works to remove the stains. The dentist will determine the treatment length and strength of the product based on the sensitivity levels and teeth stains. In-office whitening is less likely to harm or make your teeth painful during and after the treatment.


If whitening doesn't seem a better option or it takes too many treatments to help fix the staining, you may receive veneers. Using whitening treatments too much can contribute to serious tooth sensitivity as the products used in the treatments can erode the enamel. Also, if you have whitish stains on the teeth, veneers are considered a better choice than whitening because whitening just makes the stains whiter. Our dentist uses custom porcelain shaped to your teeth using technologies such as CAD/CAM.

Some of the foods and drinks we consume turn our pearly whites into yellow or brown colorations including black coffee, red wine, and tea. Therefore cut back the consumption of these foods and beverages. Visit us to find out how we can make your discolored teeth look whiter.

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