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What Are the Advantages of Bone Grafting?

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Watermark Dentistry
What Are the Advantages of Bone Grafting?You may be wondering why it is so critical to preserving your dental bones in their natural shape. To begin with, bone grafts guarantee the recovery and preservation of facial bone structures, which is critical in preventing the development of various dental illnesses and disorders. One such problem comes following tooth loss. The alveoli bones might shrivel or decay away as a result of tooth loss.

Typically, alveolar bone withering develops during the first years following tooth loss or removal. This causes a distortion that might hinder you from biting your food correctly, communicating properly, having a muscular deficiency, and even experiencing discomfort in your mouth. If you wait too long to address the issue, you may not have enough bone or surrounding tissues to sustain your prosthetic repair.

Because these treatments require a solid mandible for hold on, tissue engineering may significantly improve the look and function of implants, dentures, and crowns. It is also beneficial in preventing future issues caused by inadequate bone density in your dental region. Grafts performed in the anterior area are also beneficial in retaining ridge morphology, which improves the look of earlier permanent bridgeworks.

What is the Bone Grafting Procedure?

The extent of implants is dictated by the degree of bone loss, which your dentist assesses. The bone used for transplant can be obtained from the patient's bone or a tissue depot.

Dental bone grafting is one of the most challenging operations that dentists must perform. Happily, dental bone transplantation has a high success rate. However, there are occasions when an overdenture may fail, necessitating a subsequent graft.

How long does it take for bone grafting to heal?

Your recovery time may range from two to three months, but the bone transplant itself will take three months to heal. Nevertheless, you will be recommended not to engage in strenuous activity for at least seven months and keep the graft material region nice and clean. If you have any quarry seek medical help, or call our office today.
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