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Ways to Extend the Whitening We Can Provide

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Watermark Dentistry
Ways to Extend the Whitening We Can ProvideIf you have stains that affect your smile, undergoing a tooth whitening procedure will help significantly. Teeth whitening procedures are the easiest and most reliable method of correcting stains. However, since over-the-counter whitening solutions have proven ineffective, you should schedule an appointment with us for professional care. After successfully undergoing a tooth whitening procedure at our offices, maintaining the results will be your next step. Here are ways you can extend the whitening we offer at our office.

Proper Dental Hygiene

It is very important that you maintain proper oral hygiene after undergoing a whitening procedure. You should brush and floss your teeth on a regular basis to keep them clean. Lack of proper oral care will not only result in oral health problems but also cause staining. The plaque will accumulate on your teeth and take away their natural white color.

Avoid Certain Foods

There are foods that can cause staining when consumed regularly. Dark-colored sauces and foods like soy sauce, berries, and tomato sauce should be avoided. This is because they will undo the whitening efforts in no time.

Avoid Certain Drinks

It is also important to avoid using certain drinks after a whitening procedure. This is because such drinks have the tendency of staining your teeth. These drinks include wine, coffee, and juice. If you have to consume such drinks, always use a straw. This reduces the amount of liquid in contact with your teeth. You should also find other healthy alternatives to such drinks.

Follow-Up Treatments

After undergoing a tooth whitening procedure, it is recommended that you maintain follow-up treatments for the best results. You should come in for follow-up treatment as recommended by our professionals. This will help correct any possible problem and maintain your teeth' new look. Our professionals will also equip you with tips on proper home care. Visit our office for more information on how to maintain tooth whitening results.
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