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What Does Scraping and Sawing Mean When It Comes To Oral Care?

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Watermark Dentistry
What Does Scraping and Sawing Mean When It Comes To Oral Care?Flossing once a day helps you maintain good oral health. It allows you to eliminate the food particles that stick between your teeth when eating. It also helps eliminate plaque and bacteria between the teeth. These bacteria can cause oral infections. When you floss then scrape your tongue, you will have better oral health than when you are just sawing.

Why Scraping When Flossing is Better Than Sawing

Sawing is merely brushing your teeth. It involves the back and forth movement and forward and backward. For proper sawing motion, you should ensure that you do it in a circular motion. If you are having a hard time doing this, consider replacing your manual toothbrush with an electric one. Sawing is not capable of getting rid of food particles and plaque that get stuck between your teeth. Sawing is also not capable of getting rid of plaque that gets attached to your tongue. It is also the reason why it is better if you scrape your tongue and floss your teeth. Scrapping while flossing will eliminate all the bacteria that hide on your tongue or between your teeth because these bacteria are responsible for causing oral diseases.

Proper Scrapping and Flossing Techniques

You must scrape and floss properly to maintain proper dental hygiene. When scraping, do it gently and apply the right amount of pressure on your tongue cleaner. It will help you not hurt your tongue and, at the same time, clean your tongue properly. When flossing, move in between your teeth and pull out all the plaque and food particles. As you are flossing, remember to try and reach your gums to get rid of the food particles that get stuck between the teeth and gum line. Contact our offices to learn more about tongue cleaning.
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