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Calling Us Is Essential to Managing Your Dental Emergencies

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Watermark Dentistry
Calling Us Is Essential to Managing Your Dental EmergenciesA dental emergency should be handled with confidence and purpose. That is why you need to contact our office whenever you have an emergency that involves your dental health. Place our number on speed dial so you can give us a call without difficulty.

What Is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is an event that, according to the ADA, presents a potentially life-threatening situation. The event requires immediate care to reduce infection or pain, or to stop tissue bleeding. Some emergency conditions include cellulitis, bacterial infections with extraoral or intraoral swelling that may compromise breathing, uncontrolled bleeding, or a facial trauma that impairs respiration. While these emergencies may require hospital intervention, emergencies that require you call our office include extensive decay causing pain, suture removal, dental adjustments after chemotherapy, denture relines, or repairs for orthodontic wires that are ulcerating or piercing oral tissues.

When Is Urgent Care Recommended?

The ADA guidelines stipulate that urgent care includes severe pain from a pulpal infection or third-molar pain, known as pericoronitis. Postoperative problems, such as dry socket or osteitis, should be addressed immediately as should abscesses, painful tooth fractures, avulsion, luxation, or treatment cementation where a temporary restoration causes gum irritation, or has been broken or lost.

Whether you need emergency care from some type of pain, or you have broken a filling or tooth and do not have pain, call us and explain what is going on. Knowing what constitutes a dental emergency or urgent care will help us determine how to handle a dental complaint that may be compromising your health. Give us a call anytime you feel dental sensitivity and pain. In some cases, dental sensitivity can lead to much bigger dental issues. That is why it is good to check with us whenever you are feeling this type of discomfort.

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