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Are There Treatment Options For Oral Cancer?

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
Are There Treatment Options For Oral Cancer?The mouth determines the overall health of the body. Activities such as eating and drinking happen in the mouth. Unfortunately, oral issues such as mouth cancer can affect the functioning of the mouth, leading to poor health. This makes many people wonder whether there are treatment options for oral cancer. Like many types of cancer, oral cancer can be cured. This happens, especially if you catch the early signs of cancer. Treatment for oral cancer may involve:


Surgery helps prevent cancer spread and damage to other parts of the mouth. This procedure involves removing the affected tissues and replacing them with healthy tissues. However, some parts can heal without grafting. For instance, if the tongue has a tumor, a professional will eliminate the affected region and leave it to heal on its own. Healing may take 3-4 weeks, depending on your oral hygiene and overall health. In some instances, reconstruction using grafted tissues may be necessary.

In cases where the condition is not severe, a complete cure for cancer can be possible with surgery alone. However, some instances may require a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


In most cases, an oral surgeon can recommend radiotherapy to kill any cancer cells left after the surgery. In rare cases, it may be the first treatment in conjunction with chemotherapy. This procedure uses high-energy X-rays to destroy the cancer cell. Depending on the spread of oral cancer, you may need this treatment for up to 6 weeks.


Chemotherapy is vital when there is a risk of cancer returning. It involves cancer-killing medicines to destroy the DNA of cancerous cells. This prevents the cancer cells from growing or multiplying. Do you suspect oral cancer? Schedule an appointment, and our professional will suggest the best treatment options for oral cancer based on your preference and oral needs.

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